A service you need. A cause you care about.

We started GoodAgent on one simple premise: direct some of the approximately $8 billion in real estate commissions earned in the U.S. each year back into communities and important local non-profits. Since opening our doors in 2009, we’ve helped more than 75 nonprofits raise over tens of thousands of dollars.

How we do it

Buyers and sellers know they need a great agent for their purchase or sale, but few know how to find the best fit outside of asking people they know for referrals or turning to online searches.

We combine our expertise in real estate with our mission of giving back to give you a way to find the best agent for you and feel good about the process and the proceeds.

We analyze the performance data of every agent in every market we’re in. We also interview each agent and the service providers they work with to get the full story on their work and track record.

We narrow it down to 2-3 agents and connect you to them. After you close with one of these agents, we’ll direct part of the commission earned to a nonprofit you choose.

For example, say you’re selling a home for $450,000:

If you find your agent through us, you not only get an experienced professional who does their job well and cares about giving back, but also your purchase or sale will trigger a donation of $1,856 to your favorite cause.

It’s that simple.

Get an experienced agent. Feel good about your transaction. Support causes that matter to you.

~Jack McLaughlin, Founder & President, GoodAgent