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I turned to GoodAgent after hearing about them on NPR and spending some time on my own trying to find a broker.
The usual web searches weren’t very helpful, since there are hundreds of brokers in my area. I called GoodAgent and Jack got back to me right away. After spending some time with me to find out what my needs were, he did some research and provided me with a couple of brokers to check out. They were both high quality brokers and after I interviewed them, I picked Glenda. She was the perfect broker to meet my needs and without GoodAgent help and efforts to weed through the hundreds of choices, I would not have found her. Jack also followed up with me to make sure I got the broker I needed and was willing to research additional choices, if necessary. Besides the great service from GoodAgent, I was happy that my favorite public radio station, Capital Public Radio,will also get a nice donation.”

Thanks for all of your help, Jack!

Joe K, Seller
We loved our San Francisco condo, but our growing kids needed a yard to play in, pronto. We heard from our nonprofit friends about GoodAgent: since it was free, we gave it a try. They sent us three agents, but when we met Amy, we knew we had a match. Now she’s practically a member of our family. Even better, GoodAgent donated thousands of dollars to seven local nonprofits that we identified. And it didn’t cost us a cent. GoodAgent, you are definitely the intelligent choice for a Realtor connection.Why do it any other way?
Kristi and Nik, Buyers